Monocular Camera Calibration Could not find a package configuration file provided by "ament_cmake_auto"

Tutorial step five:
When I execute the command colcon build --symlink-install, the following error appears: admin@ubuntu:/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev$ sudo colcon build --symlink-install
Starting >>> isaac_ros_common
Starting >>> isaac_ros_test
Starting >>> usb_cam
— stderr: isaac_ros_common
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:25 (find_package):
By not providing “Findament_cmake_auto.cmake” in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH this
project has asked CMake to find a package configuration file provided by
“ament_cmake_auto”, but CMake did not find one.

Could not find a package configuration file provided by “ament_cmake_auto”
with any of the following names:


Add the installation prefix of “ament_cmake_auto” to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or
set “ament_cmake_auto_DIR” to a directory containing one of the above
files. If “ament_cmake_auto” provides a separate development package or
SDK, be sure it has been installed.

Failed <<< isaac_ros_common [0.76s, exited with code 1]
Aborted <<< usb_cam [0.68s]
Aborted <<< isaac_ros_test [1.61s]

Summary: 0 packages finished [3.81s]
1 package failed: isaac_ros_common
2 packages aborted: isaac_ros_test usb_cam
2 packages had stderr output: isaac_ros_common usb_cam
7 packages not processed
Why does this error occur? Does Docker need to reconfigure the ros2 environment? Or is there another reason?

Hi @changshengjiang1

Please verify that you have installed everything correctly, without encountering any errors, and that you have met all the necessary requirements.

I have performed a fresh test and was unable to reproduce the reported bug.


The problem is solved after executing step 4:
mkdir -p ~/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev/src
echo “export ISAAC_ROS_WS=${HOME}/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev/” >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
After the above command, I followed the tutorial again, and finally compiled successfully. After running ./scripts/, the wrong workspace path assumption:
assuming /ssd/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev
the correct job Space path assumption:
assuming /home/ltj/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev
and then the compilation passes without any error. Thank you for your reply!

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