Motion blur with Iray not working?


Any tips on how to get the motion blur to work with Iray? I have tried “open shutter /closed shutter” where the closed shutter has a minimal higher value that the open shutter ( as instructed in the dev docs) But no motion blur.
Best Jerry


Can we please get some more details on how/where you use Iray?
So in which application? And are objects animated, too (rigid and/or deformable) or just the camera?


Hi! @CarstenWaechter I was using Create. Animation with the camera and rigid geometry / Trans / Rotation.

All the best

Which build are you using? There were/are some issues with older Create versions and Motion Blur.


2021.3.8 sorry :-)

Then i think you should be waiting for the next available build, as this should be fixed by now.
To be 100% sure/to be able to confirm though, if it’s possible, it would be nice to get an exact repro scene.