IRay Render Seems To Move As It Renders

I have this scene I created:

If I render in IRay, the scene kind of moves as it is rendering, not sure why, and it seems to render in two positions.

Is there anyway to fix this? This has happened on more than just this project.


That seems very unusual. Can you send me the USD scene with required textures, and if possible a video of this happening live.

Hi, I attached the scene flattened.
DreamDatabase.usdc (6.3 MB)

And here is a short video

Thank you for looking into this. Let me know if it is a setting I need to change, or a bug.

Thanks. Your scene doesn’t look like my scene. Missing a lot of stuff. Can you go to File > Collect, and collect everything into one folder and then zip it up for me.

In terms of rendering out a still, you do not need to go to the Movie Capture. You can just hit F10 and it will immediately capture the scene to the folder specified in your preferences. You only need to use Movie Capture to capture an actual animation. Just make sure you have “Capture only the 3D viewport” option enabled.

Just a thought but the way its moving, it looks like you are applying a huge amount of motion blur. Is the text set up to move ? Move very fast ? Try the above F10 to see what you get. Then in Movie Capture, turn off all motion blur.

I saved it collected, and it tried to save every material in the Looks folder.

I saw someone created an extension to remove unused Materials, but I don’t know where to find that. Let me get it down to only materials that are used and I will upload this soon.

You can remove unused textures by going to the materials panel, and then to “current stage” and then select the little gear wheel and selecte “Remove unused materials”

Just to be clear though, you do not need to manually go find any materials in the looks folder when using the Collect tool. It will automatically find all of the textures and mdls, and put it in one subfolder.

Collecting the project seemed to fix it. The only thing I can’t figure out now is I get a big glare from IRay Render that isn’t the viewport.

If the problem comes up again I will try collecting and see if it fixes it. (47.4 MB)


The first time I Collected, the file was over 200 meg because unused materials were collected.

Now I know how to remove the unused ones.


Great, glad to hear !