MPC for Nsight cannot be installed


On installation Nsight at my desktop-NVIDIA display driver and Cuda toolkit installed-
I could not install MPC(market place client) at all;

Even MPS archive does not have proper version-Nsight uses Juno.

Would you let me know how to install MPC at Nsight?



  1. Target system is DRIVE
  2. Nsight version: 9.1
  3. attached error screenshot
  4. Nsight is installed through ‘apt-get nvidia-nsight’

Screenshot from 2019-08-10 20-47-00.png


This Nsight was installed by apt-get not sdkmanager!
The other x86 Linux Host which has Driveworks2.0(DriveOS 8) can install MPC and plugins pretty well.
Nsight version is 10.0 as well.

I Have to install Nsight again.