MPICH + PGI Workstation 7.1.1


I installed PGI 7.1-1 Workstation (in a 2 x dual Opteron under Ubuntu 8.04) and MPICH which is included in the installation. I have set the environmental variables so PGI works fine. But when I tried to use the mpif90 (path to /opt/pgi/linux86-64/7.1/mpi/mpich/bin) command in a simple program I got this error message:
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lmpichf90
The mpif90 is linked to pgf90 (default settings and options)
I am trying to run a much more complicated application in parallel mode. I downloaded the mpich ubuntu package but i failed to link it with pgf90 (i think that it has been compiled with gfortran)

Can anyone help?

Thanx in advance

The install scripts for 7.1-1 do not work properly on Ubuntu 8.
Main problems are that ‘arch’ command is unrecognized, and
‘==’ compares are not posix approved. The installation
will not complete as a result.

Try installing the current 7.2-5 release, where these problems
have been corrected.