Multi monitor: Refresh rate locked to lowest hz monitor

I recently found out the reason my 144hz monitor is running at 60hz. The refresh rate is locked to the lowest refresh rate monitor. I found out about this in a almost 3 year old forum thread.

I’m wondering if this is being worked on?

From what i can gather this is a driver issue that affects all nvidia drivers for all cards. As it works on AMD cards it seems less likely its a Xorg or wayland issue.

Are driver developers aware of this issue, and is it being worked on at any capacity?

It was fixed in ubuntu 19.10 but the bug seems to have somehow come back in 20.04.

There is a trackjing bug on launchpad for ubuntu. It remains unclear what the problem is and nobody seems to have returned back to look at it again.

Your X11 compositor is doing that, not the driver. In nvidia-settings you can set the display device you want to sync to. If you don’t use stock ubuntu then turn off the compositor manually and set the value to your preferred monitor. You can found it at the X Server XVideo Settings nvidia-settings menu.

I have the same issue as OP, but I cant sync to my laptops monitor. Everytime I reboot or wake up from suspend, the refresh rate of the laptop monitor gets lowered and set back to 60Hz. The only option is to sync it to the external monitor which only supports 60 Hz. How can I fix it, that the refresh rate for the laptop monitor stays at 144 Hz? When I use NVIDIA On-Demand mode this doesn’t happen, only when I set it to performance mode.