Multiple apps do not invalidate/repaint screen correctly with Geforce GT 730 and v470 driver on Ubuntu 24.04

With the v470 nvidia driver on Ubuntu 24.04 with a Geforce GT 730, multiple apps do not repaint/redraw the screen correctly. I include below a screenshot demonstrating the problem occurring with Ubuntu’s “settings” app. Note that none of the text is appearing in the window. When I roll the mouse over the window, the text appears beneath the mouse pointer, so the problem appears be an invalidation/repaint problem. When I switch to the nouveau driver, the problem goes away, so I can be confident the problem is specific to the nvidia driver. Bug report log attached.

Example of problem: Ubuntu “Settings” app -note that all text is missing

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (221.1 KB)

Update: this bug is tracked as an Ubuntu issue here: Bug #2061079 “GTK-ngl (new default backend) rendering issues wit...” : Bugs : gtk4 package : Ubuntu

It’s a problem with the 470 driver that causes GTK apps to fail to render text correctly. Newer versions of the driver do not exhibit the problem. If (like me), you are unable to use a newer version because you have a legacy GPU, then there is a workaround: add GSK_RENDERER=gl to /etc/environment and reboot.

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