Multiple CSI cameras on tx1 and virtual channel id

I want to hook up Serializer-Deserializer(SerDes) to TX1 CSI port.
3 cameras will be connected to SerDes and data streams of 3 cameras are time-division multiplexed and go into TX1 CSI-0(A+B).
SerDes has 4-lane mipi output.

As far as I know, in this case, each pixel stream can be distinguished by virtual channel id.
In SerDes side, I can assign virtual channel id to each pixel stream.
But in TX1 side, I have looked into host driver source code but I don’t know whether tx1 can support multiple pixel stream via one csi port.

does anyone give me the answer?


Can I get more detail information about “multiple pixel stream” ?

“pixel stream” means single camera output(UYVY format). and what i mean “multiple pixel stream” is multiplexed 3 cameras’ output. The deserializer receives 3 cameras’ outputs simultaneously and multiplex them by a line data unit and output through 4-lane port.

I believe most of the deserializer are package multiplexed as single one frame like a single camera and that won’t got problem to support it.

Yes, right. But I want to separate each frame from multiplexed large one and transmit them to each destination(ex: Gstreamer recording 1,2,3). And to do this, i think, video devices should be opened separately (/dev/video0, 1, 2).
i wonder it is possible on current tx1(my version is r24.2.1).
Or do i have to modify host driver code?

Hi sung-ho
TX1 VI/CSI not support your use case. The only way is post processing to clip it.


We will be working on the VCID Support, we had another post were we were asking NVIDIA about it:

Have you made progress on this? I am not sure if with the documentation available is enough to get it working but will give it a try.

Hi DavidSoto
We had stopped developing SerDes I/F and VCID support, so didn’t make any progress on it.

I can’t assure but when i saw tx2 r28.1 driver code and TRM, it seemed that there were some update for virtual channel id related.

Thanks for the update, I will check it

We were able to get the OV10640/OV490 + MAX92705 and MAX9286 working, we are looking into the Virtual Channel ID on TX2 and we will let you know our findings

About Virtual Channel ID support on TX2, Do you have any updates?

Hi @limiao, not update on this, we were basically waiting the VCID support for Xavier but has not been released yet.