Mxm formfactor GTX 980m Documentation Request

Looking for documentation on Nvidia GTX 980m internal DisplayPort mapping.

I have been tasked with upgrading a set of 980m graphics cards in current operation. I have a vendor from ADLink on hook to provide NVidia RTX 4500 MXM formfactor graphics cards. However, their engineer expressed concern that the internal DisplayPort mapping may be different between the MXM form factor 980m and MXM formfactor 4500/5000 series cards. I am attempting to verify compatibility, but the only way I can do this, is by reviewing the documentation regarding the 980m cards. If need-be, I can engineer a riser adapter if pin-layouts are different.

Hi Robert? I’m sorry, but even though MXM is a modular approach, it is NOT meant for upgrades in the field, but only to allow a Laptop vendor to reuse the system board, but refresh the gfx chip, integrating and supporting a new version of MXM module. This will need system level certification as well as system level BIOS integration…
If this is not for a laptop, but for an embedded design, same here, we can’t guarantee upgradeability, specially not over several generations of GPUs and MXM standards… those few vendors we who purchase and resell, hence support MXM embedded designs, they have all the information needed, so pls work with your vendor of the new MXM modules… though, I’m quite confident, there is no way to update the old 980m with a rather recent RTX MXM…


Thank-you for the response. Unfortunately, I have already placed an order and awaiting delivery. Here is hoping everything works out.


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OK, you might get more help from our partners, specialized on embedded and longer term support etc.
All stuff, I’m not an expert on. But the ‘generic’ forums might not give you the rather detailed help you are seeking for…