My Bluefield SmartNIC does not work in separated mode. To the best of my knowledge, it should work as a simple NIC in this mode. But no packet is transmitted/received.

I am pretty new in using BlueField. So, my question may be much trivial.

I have two hosts, and one BlueField is mounted on each of them, and they are connected to a switch for communication. The smartNICs are working in separated mode (default mode).

The communication between host and the local smartNIC is fine, however I cannot communicate with the other host. In fact no packet is transmitted based on what I see in the switch. When I checked what is happening I got that ARP requests are not resolved.

What should the problem. Another thing is that I have connected only one port of each smartNICs. Is that fine?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Hesam,

I recommend to go over the BlueField documentation “Modes of Operation” section.

In addition according to our records your account have a valid support contract , for further investigation please send an email to and we will be happy to assist.