My Jet bot is smoking.

My Jet bot is smoking.
Hello could anybody help me with a carrier board repair on my Jetso Nano. I was watching my Jetbot doing its thing when smoke came pouring out. The feather wing motor controller had a catastrophic failure also damaging my Jetsons. Some GPIO devices are disabled or just out right broken as well as Wi-Fi and the video is in low resolution at least I have video coming up with the splash screen, I can do some general computing.
I am looking for a schematic diagram or an IC map parts list. I need to identify a few ICs like the 3V3 regs and so on. I would like to have a go at repairing it as I really can’t afford to buy another one at the moment.

You could RMA it. Outside the USA you’d go to the vendor. Within the USA, if you go here and search form “RMA” near the top, you’ll see instructions:

Nivida main purpose for releasing the nano and all the support is to bring people up to speed with the technology. In other words it all about learning. I would not normal put a hot soldering iron into an AI but I have a broken one so its perfect opportunity to make the most of a bad situation.
Please point me in a direction of a PDF schematic.
many thanks

The only schematic is on the carrier board. Chances are good that it is the carrier board at fault, but no guarantee. You will have to go here and probably log in, then go here again if redirect doesn’t work right:

Filter for “Nano”, and then add the filter term “schematic”.

I could make a joke about that, but it’s probably in bad taste. cough

Sorry. You could possibly RMA it as linuxdev suggested. While it’s probably not Nvidia’s fault technically, the Jet Bot instructions could be clearer as to how things are wired up. I nearly made a “magic smoke” mistake myself when doing the project, so don’t feel bad.

In the end I think I killed my feather board as well. Instead I decided to focus on non-explosive Tegra projects instead, like DeepStream stuff and Jetson Inference. I have nearly no electronics experience other than I know how to work a soldering iron pretty well. In a past life I was a cell phone tech.

Thanks for the support. I also thought the wiring of the feathering board was problematic, how would other go that were doing this for the first time.
The documentation on the Adafruit website is very good that got me up and running.
The damage to my Nano was nobody’s fault the Jetson arrived from supplier in perfect working order and wiring was correct. The feathering board just failed so quickly it went off like a flash bulb. I was not expecting Nvidia to pick up the damage. I am very grateful for their offer to RMA it. I will be taking up the request to send it back. Much thanks to customer service.

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Now we know why the t-100 series had red eyes ;)

I’m glad you’re getting it replaced. Better luck second time around!