Jetson nano stopped working after connecting it to PC vai micro usb cable and a burning smell also came out of the board

I was working on the jetson nano with fresh installation after connecting it to the 5V 3A powersuppy after connecting the board with a microusb cable to my laptop some burning smell came out of the board board turns on and everything but it does not show any sign of heartbeat please help me I am student I worked hard to buy this board and learn AI on it

Hi, it looks like some components broken, if you have good hardware knowledge you can debug it based on the docs in DLC. If not, you can apply RMA for it. Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

I bought this board from a local resller’s website your customer support representative says we cant’t help your with RMA as this website does not support RMA.

Seems you should check with your “resller”.

after debugging the board it seems that there is a problem with module can I get the jetson nano 2gb module board schematics ?

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