Nahimic Software break WPF rendering on RTX setups


we Articy Software develop and distribute our Game Design Tool articy:draft.

This software is based on the Microsoft WPF Framework.
Unfortunately, a growing number of customers complain about display/rendering problems with our software. What they all have in common is that they use an ASUS Mainboard, have some Nahimic software is installed on their systems and they use an NVIDIA RTX GPU.

This type of display problem is also documented on Github for the dotnet project and for the Fortnite Launcher

The problem is that a dirty to-be-updated part of the screen gets its update, but the texture that is used is scaled up and clipped to the dirty rect.

Uninstalling your software solves the problem for our customers, but that is not a good solution because parts of the drivers/software are re-installed by Windows Update, the task is complex for the customers, and last but not least, we do not want to interfere with your customers in that way.

I can’t judge if there is a bad usage on the side of A-Volute with their overlay, if they are using the GPU as some kind of DSP for their audio-processing or if there is a problem in the NVIDIA Drivers that might not save and restore all registers properly.

The problem was first reported for driver version 471.41 but is still present in 471.68.

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This is an issue with Nahimic itself, take it up with A-Volute.

The same problems manifest on Intel and AMD graphics based machines in the presence of Nahimic, there is no correlation to display driver version.

The issue was introduced by windows cumulative updates seemingly having broken whatever manner A-Volute was using to prevent injection into dotnet/wpf based software.

Hi Sora,

thanks for the answer. I already contacted A-Volute too.

For all that might read this thread here, there are fixes from them available:

  • Update “Nahimic 3” to Version 1.8.6 or later
  • Update “Sonic Suite 3” to Version 3.16.18 or later

This should solve the problems as it was also reported from our customers.