Nano 2GB won't boot past NVidia Splash Screen?

I have a Jetson Nano 2GB board that has a carrier board with USB-C power-in (not barrel connector).

It was working fine with JetPack 45 (32.5) and JetPack 451 (32.5.1) by writing the SD image using baleraEtcher.

I installed camera drivers for e-Con Sysystem eCAM131_CUNX. On the reboot after the driver install, the Jetson never makes it past the NVidia Splash Screen.

I have tried wiping and re-writing the SD image several times, several different Jetpack versions, in all cases it freezes at the NVidia splash screen.

I have connected to Ubu 20.04 Host PC using the micro-USB port on the Jetson board, but SDKManager says ‘No board connected’ in the ‘Step 02 Target hardware’ box, and the ‘Refresh’ button doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is there anything else I can try? Is there a jumper method to hard-factory-reset this device? I have seen a few posts for factory reset instructions, but I cannot tell if they apply to my 2GB board or if the instructions are for the 4GB boards.

Is it possible that a driver install could permanently brick or disable a Jetson board?

Thanks in advance,

Jetsons are never “bricked” by bad software, so you only need to find the right software combination. When you installed a driver, what did you do? Give exact steps if possible.

Incidentally, one would normally use an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC for flash. Jetsons have a recovery mode which turns them into a custom USB device, and unless flash software is used, recovery mode won’t actually change the Jetson.

Despite having separate SD card content one can apply to an SD card, the SD card models have much of their boot software in the QSPI memory of the module itself. Boot depends on both QSPI and SD card content. If boot software in QSPI is the wrong release relative to the SD card, it is quite possible boot will fail. You might need to flash the QSPI from an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC, but before doing that, knowing details of what you changed might help.

Incidentally, a serial console boot log is quite useful here. Serial console can log activity from boot stages prior to Linux ever loading. If you can attach a serial console boot log it would be useful, although there is a strong chance you’ll end up needing to flash anyway.

Ubuntu 20.04 does not support jetpack4 flash. And jetson nano only supported in jp4.

That is why ubuntu 20.04 cannot flash your board. Also, jumper method is to put the board into recovery mode.

Jumper method are same both 4gb and 2gb jetson nano.

Please be aware that recovery mode is not really “recovering” anything. Just a mode to make host able to flash device.

Thank you both for the advice. I had not considered that 18.04 would work but 20.04 would not.
I’ll try to set up an 18.04 installation and check again.

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