Nano boot failed

We got new Nano B01(ex:SN:1423019138891) and the Nanos failed to boot.

As We used a Nano with a SDcard which worked well on our previous Nano board(SN:1423219075767),
and Nano launched failed.

However, the Nano (ex:SN:1423019138891) worked well after be re-flashed by using SDKManager.

It’s similar with the previous Nano A2 issue.
Is there a way to fix it?

Thank you for any advice,

Hi HuiW,

I guess it is similar issue as before. Let me check this issue internally.

Thanks for your report. BTW, do you have other devices also suffer this issue?

Hi HuiW,

That hasn’t been fixed yet, we’re targeting at 1H 2020, please be sure to flash the device with the SDKM, then boot first.

Hi Kayccc and WayneWWW,

Thank you so much for your prompt support.
It would be great to get update if the issue is fixed.