Nano Dual HDMI Output (DP0-> with Level Shifter/Redriver)

We decided to use Nano on the XVR device we developed. We need dual HDMI outputs.
Is it possible to get HDMI output when using Level Shifter / Redriver for DP0?

Sample low priced Level Shifter / Redriver integrations we found;
ā†’ MAX9406 - 2-Gbps DisplayPort to DVI / HDMI Level Shifter
ā†’ TDP158 - 6-Gbps DisplayPort Dual-Mode v1.1 to HDMI 1.4b / 2.0b Level Shifter Redriver

I guess there is no dual-mode for eDP / DP0 in Nano, will it still work?

Thanks for your help.


The T210 SoC is not able to output dual HDMI. This is listed in the TX1 SoC TRM. Only later SoC (TX2 series/ Xavier) are able to do that.

First of all, thank you for your answer.

Then the only solution seems to be to use a converter with DP-> HDMI controller.
E.g; MCDP2900 - DisplayPort1.4 to HDMI2.0a protocol converter with HDCP2.2 repeater

Or is it possible if I do MIPI-DSI-> HDMI conversion?

If you are on Nano, I would suggest you can try DP to HDMI converter first. But actually, both methods are not validated officially.

The product we developed has become officially compulsory for some vehicles in our country, so competition is experienced. We have to use Nano because of its price.

I will try both methods. We will include the cheapest method that works on the motherboard.

Thank you again.

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