Nano kernel codedump

v4l2-ctl open camera, then soc linux error


I am moving this to the Jetson Nano forum for support.

Which camera is used?
Which JetPack SW?
devkit or custom carrier board?


BTW, is it Orin Nano, or Jetson Nano?

orin nano 4gb r35.3.1 bayer RGGB12 1920*1080 30fps
imx390 csi 4lane

and use camera rtcpu debug fw

Moving this post to the Jetson Orin Nano forum for visibility.


there show firewall errors, do you have direct register writing/reading within the driver?
could you please check basic camera functionality with v4l standard controls.
for instance, Applications Using V4L2 IOCTL Directly.

Our guess is that fpga is outputting the wrong sep packet causing nvcsi or cam_rtcpu to hang up, and after fpga fixes the bug it no longer occurs, so we won’t go any further. thanks