Nano - Stuck on SPI test, doesn't work still

Must still be used? Did newer revs eliminate this? It’s not working.
I’m trying simple SPI test on Jetson Nano, used SD flash. Jetson-io just blinks away. I’ve been over many topics and work arounds, but has never worked for me. I’m using windows, and flashed the SD with I think the latest image. One suggested append to a boot file for this bricked the system, then had to reflash the SD again and start over.
I just need a simple spi output to the 40pin header. I have python thinking it is outputting some spi bytes, but on the scope see nothing. Python3 failed to build spidev, so I’m using python as it didn’t complain. Pip3 install spidev crashed at python.h
Not using SDK manager as using windows if that makes sense.

For unable run jetson-io module please reference to below topic to modify device tree to enable SPI.

Jetson-io just blinks away.

Have you treid from inside the directory?

Pip3 install spidev crashed at python.h

missing python.h can be fixed with “apt install python3-dev”

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