NanoDB not work

I followed this tutorial: to set up NanoDB.

It is ok to open the web UI but it fail to do any search. Also, when it failed, it was stucked.

I cannot do any operation even moving mouse.

The device is Jetson Orin Nano 8G. The following is the settings.

Hi @steven8_wang, what was the command you used to run the container and the terminal log? Did you load the existing MS COCO example database, or make your own?

I used the following command from tutorial to run the container and the terminal log.

jetson-containers run $(autotag nanodb)
python3 -m nanodb
–path /data/nanodb/coco/2017
–server --port=7860

I loaded the existing MS COCO example database and downloaded a pre-indexed NanoDB from tutorial.

OK thank you - can you post the terminal log from when you run it and are using it from the web browser?

Because of saving space for SD card, I just used 68 images from MS COCO dataset.
Then I entered “people” as a prompt.
After that, it stucked.
I cannot do anything.

OK I see, interesting - normally I run this on NVME and have swap memory on the NVME too (like here)

Since it appears to freeze during the CLIP processing, my guess is that your board is running low on memory - can you check it in another terminal by running “tegrastats” ?

OK, so the board is running low on memory, but not completely out. You might want to try disabling the desktop GUI like here:

Alternatively, sometimes PyTorch can take a while to perform its first GPU operation (while it loads all the kernels and memory for it), so perhaps it is hanging during that (this typically shouldn’t last more than a minute though)

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