Need help identifying missing components on GTX 1080 FE

(Sorry for my terrible English! I’m not English native.)

Hi. I heard there’s an engineer here with access to a schematic or board view! I’d like to share my problem. Could you identify Q502 and R1035, some components on GTX 1080 FE?

I lost some components on my ZOTAC GTX 1080 FE. I lost Q501, Q502, C503, and R1035. I need to buy them, but I wasn’t able to identify their specifications, such as the capacity and withstand voltage of ceramic capacitors. According to a forum, Q501 is RJU003N03 SOT-323, and C503 is 22uF 16V.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, user154875

Hi @user154875 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I hope you will understand that NVIDIA as such cannot offer this level of information on a public forum, even if it is just a question of a few resistors or capacitors. Additionally any OEM like Zotac might change the reference board layout slightly even on a Founders Edition card. Did you try to ask from ZOTAC directly?

That said, any forum user here is of course welcome to share their personal knowledge and help you if they can :-) Maybe @DJ_Kim is still around?

Another good place to ask for others with the same issue would be the official GeForce forums.

Hello! Thanks for mentioning me :)
I’m not an engineer, just a graphic designer who had a bad graphics card and tried (unsuccessfully) to fix it himself.

That said, I think I can help with the components, but use them at your own risk.

Q501 → MOSFET RJU003N03 SOT323
C503 → Capacitor 22uF 16V
R1035 → Resistor 0.05 ohm 0805

I hope it helps you and you have success ;)

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This is very technical. I don’t understand this