Netchip USB RNDIS/ETH Gadget not working

I am unable to use a Netchip USB RNDIS/ETH gadget device on the TX2 which works on both standard Linux and the Raspberry Pi 3.

I believe that the reason it is unable to ping the device is because the Jetson lacks the following drivers:

Are these drivers available on the TX2, I am fairly certain these are the drivers restricting me from using the device. I have already tried the USB tethering patch listed on the 32.3.x patch website and it was not successful.

Also, can I manually add these to the config file and rebuild the kernel or will I get some sort of error during compilation?

Thanks for all help


The manual config is the tegra_defconfig inside our kernel source.

Please download from the DLC and follow the instructions to re-build kernel.

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