New CUDA on WSL2 preview driver

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of the preview driver with enhancements such as NVML support for single GPU systems and support for new NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture based GA10x such as the GeForce RTX-30 series GPUs (RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070)

Interested participants register in both the NVIDIA Developer Program 4 and the Microsoft Windows Insider Program 5, and can then access the driver installers and documentation via the Downloads area on our CUDA on WSL 41 webpage. Developers can use our Forum for sharing their public preview feedback with the WSL community.

Leverage our developer blog to learn much more about how CUDA works with WSL, including how to get started with running applications, including deep learning containers.

Hi! There is a serious problem - this driver (both Quadro and GameReady versions) and latest insider version of WSL2 are not compatible. No CUDA detected inside WSL.

Also, does this mean nvidia-smi will work inside wsl now ? What about masking off the GPU via CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES?

Anything new on performance front? It will be great we could get even within 25% of native performance for CUDA inside WSL2. Right now its 40-50% below - based on ai-benchmark

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