New Nano and IMX219 160 Crashes the devices

Hi there,
I got a Nano yesterday, along with a WaveShare IMX219 160 Camera.
I’ve updated Jetpack to 4.6.1, added a swap file, etc…what seem to be the basics of setting up the Nano. I am running 5V 4A on the barrel jack. I have also increased the memory for the swap file to 10G, and the issue persists.

ls /dev/video* returns video0, so I’m pretty sure that the driver is working.

I run the following to test the CSI camera:
DISPLAY=:0.0 nvgstcapture-1.0

and I get output similar (if not exact) to this post:

Then the Nano freezes and reboots (This goes for any version of nvgstcapture).
I’m unsure of how to get that output piped somewhere so I can link or log it due to the freeze. (I’m not sure of the command, and searching has been unsuccessful).

However, here is output of dmesg | grep imx219 right after booting up after a crash.

[    1.283369] imx219 7-0010: tegracam sensor driver:imx219_v2.0.6
[    1.308275] imx219 8-0010: tegracam sensor driver:imx219_v2.0.6
[    1.331630] imx219 8-0010: imx219_board_setup: error during i2c read probe (-121)
[    1.331696] imx219 8-0010: board setup failed
[    1.331745] imx219: probe of 8-0010 failed with error -121
[    1.484239] vi subdev imx219 7-0010 bound

What else can I do or provide to get some help in diagnosing this? I have a feeling the camera may be faulty, but I’m unsure.


I switched out the camera for the RP2 Camera Module and it worked. It was the old camera causing the issue

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