New Nvidia driver 535.113.01 crashes / destroys Linux PC

New Nvidia driver 535.113.01 completely crashes my Linux system - Ubuntu Victoria Linux Mint

Running update - screen goes black and pc does not wake up (I left it 2 hours)

First Symptoms - lots small but essential programs stop working - like dpkg “dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run ‘dpkg --configure -a’ to correct the problem. Please Report” Or Webgl 2.0 fails to load - stopping many online games starting - I tested 3.

Second symptoms - after hard reboot - my screen is resized - all icons are huge! Taskbar and menu button has disappeared. All the icons - + x have disappeared making open windows impossible to close. Keyboard and mouse highly unresponsive. Example you type 6 letters and only 1 is registered. Unable to send commands through keyboard.

Thankfully Terminal is available with right mouse click on desktop. Timeshift back to previous good OS. I will be sticking with the Nvidia 535.86.05 driver.

Sounds like it could be a broken update. Running 535.113 on Arch is fine here, RTX 3060ti.

I can confirm problems. I have a Lenovo P1(4K) Gen4 with 3 Monitors attached. 1 4K and an PIP-split 5K2K monitor. (Thinkvision P40w). This works without any problems with kernel 6.4.15 and nvidia 525. With the new kernel 6.5.7 (actually) and nvidia 535.113.1 the startup is crashing and resulting in nearly never ending tries to restart the monitors when all monitors are activ. The system comes up with one external 4K and if I activate just one PIP-split of the P40w. Then I need to wait some time before I can activate the second PIP-split of the P40w. After that…its stable. Only a straigt forward boot into all external monitors leads into bouncing and trying to activate them. As a reminder. 6.4.15 kernel and nvidia 525 just comes up smothly without any problems. In a differnet situation with a 3440x1440(also used PIP 2x 1720x1440) + 4K mainscreen (Lenovo P1) the combination of kernel 6.5.7 + nvidia 535.113.1 just works fine without any problems. So it looks for me that are is some kind of limit where the situation goes bananas if just started at once.

Combination of 6.5.8 kernel and nvidia 545.23.06 made it stable