New Nvidia drivers does not support old displays. Not a problem with the card or the display

Whenever I update to a new Nvidia driver, my samsung display S19A100N gets blurry (aliased text). I thought the problem was the display, so used a different display Samsung S19D300. Its the same results. I used an HDMI to VGA converter and plugged the display to the HDMI port… Same result. I have a full hd T23B350 samsung display and and a dell ultra sharp monitor both of them work fine.

I upgraded the driver while using the old display and generated a bug report :

Lowering the resolution does fix the issue but I need the full res. I thought the problem was with my GPU (Asus GT 640 2GD3). So I bought a new one (Palit GTX 750). The new one also give the same results. The problem is still there!

Hope this information is enough. If you need any further information, I’m ready to provide them. Please fix this issue or suggest a workaround. Because of this, I can’t upgrade my OS!

Any progress on this issue?

Thanks a lot Nvidia! The latest beta drivers 364.12 Fixed the issue!