New Video: Representing Data with OpenUSD Custom Schemas

Originally published at: New Video: Representing Data with OpenUSD Custom Schemas | NVIDIA Technical Blog

Custom schemas in Universal Scene Description, known as OpenUSD or USD, are pivotal for developers seeking to represent and encode sophisticated virtual worlds. By formalizing data models, schemas enable the interpretation of raw data by USD-compliant runtimes. Whether underpinning physics simulations or expanding digital twins, custom schemas provide the foundation for creativity, fidelity, and innovation…

Is it possible to change either the text colour or background colour. This article is quite difficult to read.

@dhwoolf – I’m sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty with our format! We’re using black text on a white background by default, which is generally one of the most readable combinations. Here’s how the post looks to me:

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Sorry to pick on this video, its a good one, and it is not just this article that in grey/dark mode.