New wall installation with nvidia multi-display through UNREAL


I have to show UNreal content on 3 walls.

Can you confirm which minimum Nvidia material I need to play with UNREAL / nDisplay?


3 walls Pitch 1.9 : 6,5 x 4 m (3 x 3421 x 2105 px).

I plane to put 3 PCs (one by wall).

If I need a sync (between the 3 PCs and an external camera) is it obligatory to use a nVIdia sync (Gen. I or II) or can I use a PCI card with “ref. in” like an AJA Kona card?

If I need sync like above, can I us RTX 1080ti, 2080ti or 3090? Or Do I must use QUADRO cards?

If I must use QUADRO cards what is minimum QUADRO cards compatible with nvidia sync cards?

Thanks for your answer.

Best regards.


Min support would be Quadro RTX4000 with Quadro Sync II cards.