nfs-kernel-server issue on TX1


While installing nfs-kernel-server on TX1, I encountered this error
“A dependency job for nfs-kernel-server failed. See ‘journalctl -xe’. nfs-server.service could not start”

Has anyone got similar issue?

any help would be appreciated.


I have not looked at NFS server requirements in a long time, but I’m fairly confident that the default kernel in a Jetson would need to be configured for NFS server function before the user space applications would work. I do remember quite some time back that it was a bit of a headache to deal with both NFSv3 and NFSv4…you have to distinguish which is being used or an otherwise seemingly correct config would fail. Note that we are talking about NFSD, the daemon, not NFS support as a client…most every Linux out there is already configured to allow mounting a remote server, it is functioning as a server which needs additional configuration of the kernel.