Night compute failed to load .nsys-rep, Reason: Invalid file type

I have generated a timeline.nsys-rep file on my linux machine with
nsys profile -o timeline --trace openacc ./run_jacobi_iteration

When I open the timeline.nsys-rep file in my Mac with Nsight compute, it gives the error
“fail to load. Reason: Invalid file type”
The cuda version in the linux machine is 12.2, driver is 535.54.04.
I compiled the code with nvc++ compiler with version 23.7.0
The Nsight compute in macOS is the latest version 2023.3

Thanks in advance

You are trying to open a Nsight Systems results file in Nsight Compute. While you can run Nsight Systems from inside of Nsight Compute (although not all functionality), I am not sure that it is expected to work when you open direct .nsys-rep file from Nsight Systems.

Can you open it in Nsight Systems?

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Thanks for the reply. It works. I was able to install Nsight Systems and it could open the files.

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