Nsight systems failed to load report from .nsys-rep

I generated an nsys-rep with the following command
nsys profile -o addition ./addition.f90
I got my code running, got the results, however, I am unable to open the generated addition.nsys-rep file in Nsight Systems. It says
failed to load the report from the file / path to file/addition.nsys-rep. The report was possibly created with a newer version of NVIDIA Nsight Systems. Please upgrade to the latest version and try again.
But when I go to help-> check for updates, Nsight Systems is upto date.
My nvc++ version is 23.9
nsys --version
Can you please help me with this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, I have unistalled the Nsight systems that came with cuda toolkit12.2 by sudo apt remove nsight-systems and installed NSight systems 2023.3 from the website and now it is loading the reports.
Thanks and regards,

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