Nividia Control Panel will not display program settings trying to change

I open up NVCP, I change to the program settings, and use the drop down to get to Microsoft Flight Simulator for instance, it seems to change the lower screen, but the “program selection” box still shows the Adobe software in it. So, I cannot tell which program I am working on. It used to work. Personally think MS has done something to block NVCP from working, thinking the office pukes know better than the person sitting in front of the PC. I am going to roll back the driver and or, take off last windows update and see it this change it so I can actually work on it, last time I tried monkeying around with permissions, I had to rebuild PC. So going to do this judiciously. Any ideas before I start. This stems from a post in the MSFS Forums about CTD’s.

Hi there @mdbonn21! Nice that you found your way to the NVIDIA developer forums.

With the latest drivers on Win 11 right now I really can’t reproduce the issue. i can select any program and it will be highlighted in the dropdown menu even after closing and reopening the control panel.

One thing I could suggest before more drastic measures is to do a clean driver install through GeForce Experience. Beyond that it is really difficult to pinpoint what might cause the misbehavior.

Best of luck!