No Display or Ubuntu GUI even after installing JetPack

After connecting the DP and starting the system for the first time, no display was showing on the screen (DP-DP connector). I followed then the headless setup by connecting the Jetson to another computer via USB, and followed the suggestion from another post to use
sudo picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyACM0

After setting up Ubuntu, I was then able to ssh to the Jetson over the network, and finished up the installation of JetPack which is currently on version 5.0.1-b118.
Nevertheless I am unable to have the display working, even after rebooting several times. I would kindly appreciate any help here.

@bilal.wehbe are you working on an Orin AGX Developer Kit?

Please reflash the device with JP 5.0.2, r35.1 from the link below

Jetson Linux r35.1

This solved the issue, thank you!
Yes it is an Orin AGX Developer Kit

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