No element »nvurisrcbin« - Deepstream 6.3 - Jetson Xavier AGX

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I am trying to use the GStreamer plugin “nvurisrcbin” as mentioned in the Python DeepStream app “test_3”. However, I have noticed that this module is missing in my DeepStream Version 6.3. I have checked the Gst-inspect method and the “sources” folder, but it seems to be missing in both paths.

I then checked the installation data, and it is still missing even in DeepStream 6.4.

Am I doing something wrong during the installation, or is there another way I should proceed?

Thank you! Can someone explain to me what I am missing?

Thank you!

Did you install using tar.gz or deb? Or sdkmanger? You can try running the following script

sudo /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream/ 

I met too, install deepstream via sdkmanager, try sudo ldconfig

After doing this i can find it with gst-inspect command. Thanks

We didn’t check this solution, but thanks for your answer. We did initialize the device with the sdkmanager, nevertheless i cannot give you an excact answer wether we used the command u said or not.

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