No module pin specification for Nvidia Jetson Nano Module


Our company (BITNAG, Inc.) develops software in machine learning (face recognition) area. We chose your product - Jetson Nano Developer Kit - as hardware. And we processed our software using it.

The second stage of the project is ready product (solution) prototype development and creation. We want to use Jetson Nano Module only while developing our own motherboard with all the needed peripheral units adapted to our design. Our developers ran into a lack of information regarding Jetson Nano Module, such as:

  1. There is no data sheet on module output:
  • output type and purpose;
  • type of logic level for digital signals;
  • voltage and current rating for supply outputs and analog outputs.
  • there’s no TDP value for the module at different levels of processing capacity values.
    -there’s no full geometric module dimension (better 3-D model).

Where can I get the necessary documentation to get all the necessary missing information?


Ivan Nagornyi
BITNAG, Inc. Founder

Hi, thanks for your choice. There are reference docs in DLC ( including OEM DG, module datasheet, thermal design guide, 3D CAD STEP Model and reference schematic of carrier board etc., you can use them to the custom design.

Thank you!