no nvvp on tx1 after install JetPack 2.3

Hi All,

I installed JetPack 2.3 on tx1, but only nvprof is available, no nvvp. Is it true? Just want to confirm it. I may make some mistakes during installation.


Hi smartvoice,

The NVIDIA Visual Profiler is available as part of the CUDA Toolkit, and should be there after upgraded your TX1 by JetPack 2.3 if not mistaken.
Please be sure only Ubuntu 14.04 for Jetpack as that is what we explicitly offer for public -


That CUDA 8 download page does not make CUDA 8 available for Jetson/L4T. Would it be possible to add architecture arm64/aarch64 to those downloads?

Hi linuxdev,

We’re investigating this issue, and will do the update once clarified it, it should be soon.
Please stay tuned.


CUDA 8 for embedded is downloaded only through JetPack. It’s not planned to be a separate download, due to dependency restrictions.


will there be nvvp at Jetpack 3.2 installed / R28.2?