Not able to control Turtlebot3 with ROS 2

I have been following the official Isaac sim ROS 2 tutorials. I have been able to import URDF of Turtlebot3 burger model.

I followed the tutorials from Drive TurtleBot via ROS2 messages for making the action graph in Isaac sim.

The articulation controller in my action graph is showing the following error “Prim path expression is invalid, a prim matching the expression needs to be created before wrapping it as view”

When I click the Play button on the GUI, I am not able to control the turtlebot3 using teleop_twist_keyboard. I can see the “/cmd_vel” topic using ros2 topic list but and it is subscribing to my teleop commands but the robot does not move.

Please help me out in solving this error.

Thank you

Hi @nilutpolkashyap , the warning seems to suggest that the articulation controller does not have a correct prim type as its target. Can you verify that the “Root” of the turtlebot is set as the target prim? here is our livestream link which should be useful (48 min onwards is turtlebot URDF)

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