Fail running the tutorial of Drive TurtleBot via ROS message

I followed the tutorial but after I sent the command to /cmd_vel topic. The robot didn’t move. By checking the action graph, I found there were two warnings. One is from differential controller which said invalid wheel radius and distance. The other one is from articulation controller which said prim path expression is invalid, a prim matching the expression needs to created before warping it as view.

I am new to Iassc sim but used ROS before. Very grateful if anybody could give me some hints.

Hi @xrn94621 - The warnings you’re seeing suggest that there might be some issues with the configuration of your robot in the Omniverse Isaac Sim.

  1. The warning from the differential controller about an “invalid wheel radius and distance” suggests that the parameters for the robot’s wheels might not be set correctly. You should check the values you’ve set for the wheel radius and distance in the differential controller node. These values should match the actual physical properties of your robot.

  2. The warning from the articulation controller about an “invalid prim path expression” suggests that the path you’ve provided to the robot’s articulation doesn’t exist in the current stage. You should check the value you’ve set for the target prim in the articulation controller node. This should be a valid path to the robot’s articulation in the USD stage.

If you’re following a tutorial, make sure you’ve followed all the steps correctly and haven’t missed any steps that might involve setting up these parameters.

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