Ros Articulation Controller to Isaac sim didn't work!

As the ros part has changed to sim 2022.1, the action graph must now be used.

Now, I brought the urdf we made to sim and confirmed that Lidar and Camera are well seen as Ros rviz.

However, the driving section cmd_vel, Differential Controller Node, and Articulation Controller Node is still not available. I can’t do the example part of the tutorial.

I need some help!
Even if I send the ros cmd_veltopic, the turtlebot doesn’t work, so is there a way to debug the action graph on the ros side? Or do you have any advice?

does sending position topics work and only velocity fails? There is a known bug for the Articulation controller that will be fixed in the next version. Meanwhile, try the solution in this thread and see if that helps.

@pre3ice , did the last response help resolve the issue?