Not able to read sensor reading using minicom


I have been trying to use Maxbotix MB1000 sensor with Jetson Nano using minicom and I am not getting the sensor readings on the output window of minicom.

Interfacing a Raspberry Pi with an Ultrasonic Sensor | MaxBotix Inc.

Is there any other way of interfacing this sensor with Jetson Nano.

Screenshot from 2021-07-07 17-40-54

Hi @abhishek.docky, hope you are doing well!

I haven’t used the Maxbotix MB1000 sensor, but these are two things you can try to solve the issue:

  1. Check that you are connecting to the proper device, in this case you could try to check the dmesg output to see if a new device is created that is different from /dev/ttyS0 for the connection. You can change this using minicom -s → serial mode setup → Press A (Serial Device) → Type the new device → Press Enter

  2. You can follow a procedure similar to the previous but for the baudrate, minicom -s → serial mode setup → Press E (Bps/Par/Bits) → Select new baudrate, parity bits → Press Enter.

  3. You could try disabling hardware flow control, many times it makes it work like that. This would be pressing letter F on minicom configuration window.

Also, you can test if minicom is the problem by using the screen application too.

Best Regards,
Roberto Gutierrez
Embedded Software Engineer

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