Nothing work in jetson nano 2gb i will close my project with this device

I just buy Jetson nano 2 GB and I downloaded jetbot-043_nano-2gb-jp45 and until now I am trying to operate anything in it. I owned a camera It is specific to the Raspberry and the Jetson Nano does not support it, so I ordered it from abroad because it is not available in my country, so I went to operate the device and moved it. Suddenly I needed a motor driver I buy an adafruit PCA9685, spend 4 days trying lunch it everything you think I do

vim /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/Adafruit_MotorHAT-1.4.0

to change i2c address to line 227

def __init__(self, addr = 0x40, freq = 1600, i2c=None, i2c_bus=1):

to work like all videos and nothing happening,

it`s the Biggest mistake buying this device Nvidia jetson nano 2GB developer kit.
And if someone asks me about buying this Jetson Nano, I will tell the story of what happened to me and advise against buying it

hello user26454,

Jetson Nano by default support Raspberry Pi v2, IMX219, and Raspberry Pi v3 High Quality IMX477 camera sensors.
you should also refer to the table lists cameras, which supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform
furthermore, please contact with Jetson Camera Partners for your camera solutions.

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