Camera stopped working on Jetson Nano, works on Pi

I had a Raspberry Pi 2.1 camera working on a Jetson Nano (using gst-launch-1.0) but this has stopped working.

Nothing appears at /dev/video anymore and dmesg reports things like “imx219_board_setup: error during i2c read probe” & “probe of 6-0010 failed with error -121”.

The camera still works on a Raspberry Pi though; could this mean I’ve fried the Nano’s camera interface?

I’ve re-imaged the SD card to start afresh, switched power from USB to the expansion header (with a 5 volt 6 amp capable bench supply), tried a second camera (that also works on a Pi) and continuity tested each wire from the camera end of the ribbon cable to the connector pins on the Nano’s PCB (so the camera’s definitely seated OK).

Any suggestions as to what the issue may be or how I might diagnose it further would be very welcome.

I fear another Jetson purchase may be the only solution :(

hello randomr5qfp,

according to github discussion thread, there are some cameras using the IMX219 that should work with Jetson Nano.
if you got below failures, you might check the regulator settings, ensure the power supply of the camera board.

error during i2c read probe

BTW, could you please also share detail kernel failures by below commands, thanks

$ dmesg > klog.txt