CSI Camera (imx_board_setup error)

Hi, I am working with a new Pi camera (Raspberry Pi Camera 8MP v2 IMX219) and the Jetson Nano (4GB).
First I checked if the camera could be found with “ls -ltr /dev/video*”, and the camera is showing up as “/dev/video0”.
Then, I checked “v4l2-ctl -d 0 --all”, and on the Video input line, it says Camera 4: no power. Following other forum posts, I used “dmesg | grep -e imx” and found:
“imx219 7-0010: imx_board_setup: error during i2c read probe (-121)”. I have rebooted and tried many other Raspi 2 cameras. This feels like a hardware issue but I’m unsure as to how to solve it.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

You may need HW guide to check the HW why the i2c communication failed.

Be aware that there are 2 CSI connectors, and each one is probed for a camera.
The error may just be that you don’t have a 2nd camera so probing this failed.

If you have /dev/video0, it should be ok for first camera. Try (assuming you have X GUI running):

gst-launch-1.0 -v nvarguscamerasrc ! 'video/x-raw(memory:NVMM),width=640,height=480,framerate=30/1,format=NV12' ! nvvidconv ! xvimagesink

Does one of or both your cameras work with a python code using opencv? I got pretty same issue and tried lots of things but couldn’t solve. Now I am using a usb webcam which is not working with gst, nvgst commands still, but working with opencv perfectly.