Nsight crash on frame capture

I’ve got a project that I’m trying to use Nsight on. Unfortunately, doing a frame capture within the main game invariably results in crashes. I’ve determined that the crash always occurs in the buffer swap call, but don’t see any good way to fix it.

DirectX debug mode doesn’t show any obvious problems, and curiously, frame captures work fine at the character select screen. The problem occurs with both Nsight 2.2 and Nsight 3.0 and I’ve also updated graphics drivers.

I don’t have a simple repro case - it’s a full released game - but I could probably send minidumps if I knew where to send them to. Alternatively, if there’s any way I can diagnose this better, I’d love suggestions.

Help! What’s my next step? :D

You can send your minidump to devtools-support@nvidia.com. Thanks a lot in advance.

I had the same problem - using NSight version 3.2.2.

It always crashed in the swap buffers call whenever I tried to capture a frame in the graphics debugger.

By some trial-and-error debugging, I found that it seemed to be related to a DirectX call to check the available MSAA modesl:


Once such a call is done in our application, trying to capture a frame later always crashes. But if I skip this call, the crash disappears.

Hope it helps for your case as well.


There’s been a number of fixes since 3.2.2, would you be able to try Nsight 4.0 (in Release Candidate 2 mode) and see if it still an issue?