Nsight crash on startup at vkEnumeratePhysicalDevices

Using: NVIDIA_Nsight_Visual_Studio_Edition_Win64_5.5.0.18014
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Drivers: 390.77 for GeForce GTX 660

Worked fine today till i updated VulkanSDK from 1.0.37 to 1.1.73.

Now it crashes at startup: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0x0000000000000000.

Minidump leads me stright to
vkEnumeratePhysicalDevices(instance, &deviceCount, 0)
which will invoke a null pointer down the line in “vulkan-1.dll”

  • Everything works fine without Nsight.
  • Not enabling validation layers makes no difference.
  • There have been no changes in my code (validation disabled and not using anything else from SDK).
  • Don’t see any SDK related stuff in registry under ImplicitLayers.

What could i do to find out why it is crashes?

Uninstalling and reinstalling Nsight did not help.

However, updating drivers to 397.93 did.

It is now working again.

Too soon!

Updating drivers completely deleted all ExplicitLayers from registry - all of validation layers are gone. Is this even allowed?

Back to reinstalling VulkanSDK. For crying out loud.

No new problems after reinstalling VulkanSDK.

Now both (LonarG validation and VS Nsight) work properly.


There was a bug with the Vulkan loader in 1.1 in combination with drivers before 396 that caused it to fail in the presence of Nsight (the loader reported bad information). Glad to hear that reinstalling cleared it up.