Nsight cross compile with jetson Nano: ***.ptp-sync: Permission Denied

Dear All,

I’ve been struggling to compile remotely a simple code example and really need your help.

Here is my setup:
Host computer: Kbuntu 18,04;
Target: Nvidia Jetson nano B01
IDE: nsight 10,2

I’ve installed all the necessary packages on the host computer using the sdkmanager.

The code is the following:
#include <stdio.h>

global void helloFromGPU(void)
printf(“Hello from GPU !!\n”);

int main(void)
printf(“Hello from CPU !\n”);
helloFromGPU <<<1, 5>>>();

return 0;


I think that I’ve configured the target correctly since I can successfully log in into the target and set the project path:

and toolkit:

The problem arises when eclipse tries to synchronize the host with target. The following popup error appears:

Synchronization error for project: cudaHello3

Remote Git init failed with message:/home/myuser/cudaworkspace/cudaHello3/.ptp-sync: Permission denied

Note that regarding to cross-compiling, CUDA and NVIDIA Jetson I’m a rookie.

Thank you in advance!

Hello again,

Following some of the steps of this topic:

I was able to configure netbeans to compile on the localhost and also on the remote machine (Jetson Nano) without any issues synchronizing the code files as happens using eclipse.

This solution is not optimal because I cannot debug the GPU code in Netbeans as I intended to do with the NVIDIA tools. Until I can resolve the problem related with Eclipse IDE I will develop and debug the GPU code on my host machine and only later I will port it to the Jetson.