Remote Developping with Nsight and local git repository failed

Hi everyone,

I´m using the Jetson TX1 for some Computer Vision stuff, but I have problems with remote development. With Jetson TK1 everything works just fine.


I´m using a host computer with GTX 960 together with ubuntu 14.04 and a switch for local network. In the past I used a local git repository for synchronizing Nsight Eclipse on host with the Jetson TK1 board. I followed these instructions and it worked without any problems:

So my way is: Coding in Nsight on Host -> syncing with TX1 via local git -> compiling on TX1 -> run application

Now I want to develop for Jetson TX1 in the same way, but I always receive an error message when Nsight tries to sync with the repository on the TX1. Here´s the error message:

The test project is reduced to a simple console like “Hello World” in C++. The two local git repositories on host and board are correctly connected with each other. Local networks is ok, both can ping and see each other. I did exactly the same steps on TK1 and TX1. So I dont know what else I can do. Hope somebody can help. If you need more info please aks me.


This is kind of grasping, but it could be something as simple as networking, e.g., ssh is sometimes involved, or even a firewall. You may want to try manually running a git command from the JTX1 to see what that says (without eclipse).