Nsight Graphics 2018.7 having issue displaying Vulkan raytracing raygen SPIR-V

So this issue moved from 2018.6 to the latest 2018.7

If I capture a frame from my Vulkan raytracing application and try to see raygen shader SPIR-V, it’ll show me only “SPIRV Parse Error: Id 52 is defined more than once”.

Tho the application works fine, and validation layers are happy.

Here’s the shader itself:

Here’s the screenshot:


Thank you for your post and sorry about the issue.

I’ve submitted a bug for this. (DG-3453) I’ll post back here once we have an ETA on the fix!

Thank you for your patience!



No problemo! It’s not critical at all.
Thanks for your awesome tool!


Just wanted to say that this issue will be fixed in the next release (May).

When 2019.3 is released, give it a shot!


Thanks a lot!