Nsight Graphics not launching lwjgl program

I’m running a lwjgl based program and want to debug it using the nsight tool. However, I cannot get it to start the program using the nsight project on Ubuntu. The program is launched using a sh-script created from a gradle buildchain with multiple static and dynamic libraries.
There is sadly no error message indication what the problem might be. Using ps I can see, that there is a defunct java process, after clicking launch. There is no Window popping up though. There is also no Log message in my logfile, which is created right in the main.
Any help to why that is and what I can do to fix it? I have a faulty shader and need some assistance from nsight graphics to fix it.

Thanks for using Nsight Graphics and sorry you ran into this issue. I’ll connect with the engineering team for Nsight Graphics and get back to you with any suggestions. In the meantime please see the following link for how to use Nsight Graphics for Ubuntu linux targets: User Guide :: Nsight Graphics Documentation.

Please see this link for problems when application fails to launch: User Guide :: Nsight Graphics Documentation.


Any updates on that topic? Problem still exists

Can you provide a simple test app? We see that lwjgl can be download from the following website but not sure if there is any sample/test contained in the package that can repro the issue GitHub - LWJGL/lwjgl3: LWJGL is a Java library that enables cross-platform access to popular native APIs useful in the development of graphics (OpenGL, Vulkan, bgfx), audio (OpenAL, Opus), parallel computing (OpenCL, CUDA) and XR (OpenVR, LibOVR, OpenXR) applications.?