Nsight Systems fails to profile DX12 programs that run on multiple GPUs

Hi there,

Recently I’ve been trying to profile a DX12 program that runs on two GPUs with NVLink. However, Nsight Systems fail to run the profiling if I check “Trace GPU Workload” under “Collect DX12 trace”. The error output is attached in the screenshot. I’m testing on Windows 10 with two RTX 2080 Ti using Nsight Systems 2021.2.1 (Nsight Systems 2022.2.1 also has the same problem). The multi-GPU program I’m running is from the official DirectX-12 samples:
DirectX-Graphics-Samples/Samples/Desktop/D3D12LinkedGpus at master · microsoft/DirectX-Graphics-Samples (github.com) .

The program runs normally when not being profiled with Nsight. Could someone help with this issue? Thank you!