NV Optimus Issues - Multi Theft Auto

I am crossposting this as suggested by a forum moderator. Original thread: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/714722/geforce-drivers/nv-optimus-issues-multi-theft-auto/

Hello, I am coming on behalf of one of our developers for the open source multiplayer project Multi Theft Auto for GTA San Andreas. Recently, the implementation of Optimus has been a massive trouble, causing many of our users to experience an issue. We have been attempting to patch compatibility with our gamemode to no avail. Our users are getting this error in particular: Direct3D CreateDevice error:8876086a. Some of our fixes have worked for some of our users. Some of our fixes have BROKEN support for our users. It’s really ridiculous that this is happening at all, considering pre-optimus everything worked 100%. We get 500k monthly users, weekends peaking at over 21k uniques playing at once. We have a large global playerbase and for the most part haven’t had any major drivers issues up until the Optimus implementation. I am a support staff member and I get at least 1 request a day to fix this issue. It’s always a laptop user with some form of NV GPU that has Optimus.

Any suggestions or pointers to documentation where we can support Optimus better? Thank you.

Well, so far we got 1 confirmed user having his Optimus fixed using this patch.


Like, really? Just how awful is Optimus? I don’t understand how such a problem can be caused by a single function like a debug write. I’ll update this as I get more users to report whether or not it fixed for them. In the mean time, please fix your horrible software.